Intro of Inlay

Inlay Work or Pietra Dura is a form of decoration that belongs to ancient civilization. In this form of decorative art, various pieces of material of different shapes, sizes and designs are being carved in the base surface. The base surface can be in the form of wood or marble. Inlay work is generally to be seen in the designs of floral motifs, plants, and creative natural patterns. Pietra Dura is an art that takes a lot of patience and artistry. As a result, you get a very picturesque and dazzling form of decorative that one can’t take his eyes off.

Inlay art delivers a sense of aesthetic with a hint of royalty. Gives an extremely eye-grabbing elegant marvellous look.

There are a number of materials that can be used for inlay work including wood, metal, shells, pearls, ivory and even camel bone. Every piece of inlay work is made with precious stones of natural hues and shades. In the current scenario, This Inlay art can be done on flooring, Wood Inlay, Tabletops, Inlay doors and decorative products as well. We at Marblehaqarts provide best inlay work products and services. The countries that are mainly rich in these stones are South Africa, Madagascar, Brazil, Australia, etc.

It is believed that Pietra Dura was originated at the end of the 16th century. Pietra Dura word comes from Italian culture. Pietra Dura also means hard stone or semi-precious stone.

Inlay Work, The Essence of Ancient Times.

Inheriting a sturdy Persian influence and originating from the Mughal grounds, This work has imprinted an artistic remark. Marble Inlay work attaches a strong string from ancient times. It is often marked as a synonym of royalty and dignity which used to be an imperative lifestyle of majesty kings.

marble inlay work in mosque

The whole procedure is arduous and complex but they say, beautiful things never come easy and so the Inlay/pietra dura. The technique involves the collision of attaching gorgeous metals on beautifully designed shallow carvings. The desired surface for shallow carvings is wood, stones, marble or similar. Basically, the artistically designed shallows are filled with precious or semi-precious stones and metals.

The finished item looks astonishingly magnificent with the profusion of inlaid materials and gorgeous patterns. This Inlay art is enormously seen in a large number of products involving boxes, pots, trays, furniture, etc.

Indian History of Pietra Dura

Indian history has witnessed the era of dignified structures and graceful architectures. Aesthetic essence is the pillar of ancient timed India. Inlay art was a progressive essence during the sixteenth to the seventeenth century. Viewing the current scenario, Karnataka, Gujrat, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Kashmir have saved the heritage of this work in India. These states have preserved the fragrance of traditional ancient time’s marble Inlay work technique until today and beautifying it with each passing day.

Inlay Work in Taj Mahal

The monument of love, Taj Mahal is the most alluring paradigm of marble Inlay art, undoubtedly. Inlay art majorly resembles the ‘Pietra Dura’ of Italy from the sixteenth century. Mughals received many in a form of presents highly decorative panels and tabletops. Deeply studying the art, Mughals added their fusion of art and named it Inlay Work. Probably this is how this ravishing piece of art came into existence.