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By Marblehaqarts / December 1, 2017

5 MOP Inlay Trending Designs Of Wooden Doors

MOP inlay is a most trending inlay work now days specially on wooden doors, wooden furniture, wooden tabletops, etc. Mother of Pearl MOP inlay work is looking so astonishing on your main door, front door or any other wooden item. MOP (Mother of Pearl)…

By Marblehaqarts / November 27, 2017

5 Most Trending Designs Of Marble Inlay Flooring

What is Marble Inlay Flooring? Designs of Marble inlay flooring basically decorating pattern which has been made by precious, semi-precious, mother of pearl, Indian stones to design marble flooring in houses, buildings, commercial complex, offices, bungalow, etc. Marblehaqarts‘s superior array of Marble Inlaid Flooring…

5 Best Places Where Interiors Designer Can Do Marble Inlay Work
By Marblehaqarts / November 26, 2017

5 Best Places Where Interiors Designer Can Do Marble Inlay Work

Marblehaqarts is a leading marble inlay manufacturer, exporter and service providers of inlay work products like coaster sets, medallion, marble plates, marble inlay boxes, liquid soap dispenser, washbasin, candle holder, tissue holder, marble animals, elephants, jewellery box and many more other items. We provide inlay services like marble…

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