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Beautiful marble inlay work border design in mosque pietra dura

Temples & Mosques Marble Inlay Work

Welcome to the Marblehaqarts’s Temple And Mosque Inlay Work Section Marblehaqarts provides you lavishing marble inlay services on our holy places (Masjid ) Mosques and […]

marble inlay flooring designs and pattern

Marble Inlay Flooring

Welcome to Marble Inlay Flooring Section Marblehaqarts provides best marble inlay flooring services provider from Agra which provide their inlay services in india as well […]


Wooden Inlay Work

Welcome to the Marblehaqarts’s Wooden Inlay Work Section Marblehaqarts provides you attractive wooden inlay products and services. Wood inlay work can be done in tabletops, […]

Black Marble Inlay Tabletop

Marble Inlay Tabletops

Welcome to the Marblehaqarts’s Marble Inlay Tabletop Section Marblehaqarts are Manufacturer & Exporter of marble inlay tabletop and this stone inlaid art also known as Inlay […]

Marble inlay plates

Marble Inlay Work Games & Plates

Welcome to the Marblehaqarts’s Marble Inlay Games and Marble Inlay Plates Marblehaqarts offer a huge range of top quality and decorative marble inlay plates. our […]

Marble inlay border

Marble Inlay Borders

Welcome to the Marblehaqarts’s Marble Inlay Border Designs Marblehaqarts provides pretty much awesome Marble Inlay Border which are quality designed so as to introduce maximum possible aesthetics […]

Marble Inlay And Handicraft Products

white marble inlay coaster sets

Handicraft Gift Items

Welcome to Marble Handicraft Gift Items Section Marblehaqarts is one of the leading marble handicraft gift items manufacturer,  exporter and service providers in Agra, India […]

soapstone handicraft elephant

Soapstone Handicraft Products

Welcome to the Marblehaqarts’s Soapstone Handicraft Product Section Marblehaqarts is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter soapstone handicraft products, we are acknowledged for offering […]

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I am very happy to see that this art is being kept alive. This place fills me with a very positive energy and I hope that i come again in the future

Marblehaqarts testimonials Gautam Aggarwal Siliguri
Gautam Agarwal

Thank you so very much for your telephone call. The elephant arrived this morning and we were literally unpacking it when you rang.
We are absolutely delighted with it – your excellent packing ensured it arrived intact after travelling halfway around the world and it is just lovely. We are also very grateful for your excellent customer service when we were concerned about its non-arrrival and we thank you.
We wish you and your business well and we hope to see you again when we visit India again next year. Thank you very much for everything Kind regards

Marblehaqarts testimonials Nadeem Khan Moradabad
Nadeem Khan

Thank you so much, I sincerely appreciate your kind gesture and honest business practice! We really love our coasters and I am excited to someday visit again to expand our collection. Thank you again,

Sara Williams

Thank you for your message. In the meantime we got the delivery. Your proforma-invoice made all things very easy.
When we opened the package, we found the good in a really good condition – all is o.K.
Thank you up to the next time
Best for you

John Doe


About Marblehaqarts Company

Marblehaqarts has been the preserver of the art of marble inlay products and services like marble inlay flooring, marble inlay tabletops, inlay work plates, wooden inlay work, pietra dura, marble inlay export produtcs, inlay wall designing, inlay work in temples & Mosques, (Mother of pearl) MOP inlay work and many more other since 1990. What started more than 25 years ago as a single room factory with a handful of pieces. Hundred of masterpieces for the connoisseurs of art. Hundreds of families of artisans who depend on Parchinkari/Inlay for their livelihood have been linked to us for years and we take pride in supporting them and in keeping this art alive.

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Trending Work

Wooden Inlay
Small Gift Items

History of Inlay Work

Inlay work is mainly carried out in 2 places in India namely Rajasthan and Agra where the former is noted for its inlay work on tabletops, flooring, crafts, artifacts, coaster sets, wooden work and many more other marble and soapstone small gift items and the latter is known for its parchin kari work. The Parchin kari work art inlcudes minutes Indian, persian, italian, precious, semi-precious stones which is quite expensive but graceful with intricate labour.  Among the various stone arts that flourished our country the most famous one is the inlay or crafting work done with marble stones. This craft flourished and reached its peak during the time of mughals in Medieval India and specially after the construction of Taj Mahal (Presently One of the seven wonders of the world) in early 17th century. This Work is also referred as Pietra dura where pietra stand for stone and dura stands for hard.  The Italians were outstanding in this classic work.

Inlay Work